Waterway is blighted by dumped litter and nets


ILLEGAL fishing nets, cannabis farm equipment and beer cans and vodka bottles – these are just some of the items found dumped along Boston’s waterways.

Last month The Standard covered an appeal by Boston and District Angling Association (BDAA) for the public and authorities to be extra vigilant of people poaching fish. Now there are renewed concerns as a large amount of rubbish detrimental to the environment has been found.

One member of BDAA, who asked not to be named, said he has been ‘effectively bullied off the waterways’ by those responsible when challenging their illegal actions.

He said: “There are beer cans dumped along Stonebridge Drain and some discarded vodka bottles all in one spot at West Fen Drain. We also found gill netting dumped alongside Bellwater Drain.

“While those responsible are illegally taking away our pike and carp perhaps they can find space in their cars for their rubbish as well.”

Another picture taken shows discarded rubbish from a cannabis farm which was found dumped in West Fen Drain.

The BDAA said this was reported to the police and environmental health.

An illegal fishing line known as a ‘trace’ was also found.

This is an illegal method of catching fish and involves a wire or string, with several looks attached along it, being left strung across the water.

The BDAA member added: “This is unlike anything I have every seen in over 50 years piking.”

l If you suspect poaching or illegal fishing activity call the EA’s emergency hotline on 0800 80 70 60 or Boston police on 101.