Youngsters get back to nature

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Youngsters from Boston Wildlife Explorers club visited RSPB Frampton Marsh at the weekend to do some conservation work.

Members showed they care about nature by collecting 12 sacks of rubbish that causes a hazard to wildlife.

At their last meeting a representative from Eastern Inshore Fishery and Conservation Alliance spoke to them about the dangers of marine rubbish to wildlife. Chris Andrews from the RSPB site said: “Plastic, fishing lines and all sorts of other junk clogs up the sea. Animals can get tangled in it or try to eat it, mistaking it for food, and suffer agonizing deaths. Well, these kids decided to do something about it.

“On Sunday morning they gathered to scour the shoreline at Frampton Marsh and gather in all the rubbish that had been stranded by the big high tide. That way, it wouldn’t be washed out to sea again next time there was another big high tide. For an hour and a half, the children (with some adult help) toiled tirelessly, picking up the debris that littered the shore.

The amount of plastic strewn along the strandline was quite astounding. Of course, everyone was very careful, using litter pickers to grab all the rubbish. Some things needed a bit more effort though.”

At the end of the session, the group had managed to collect 6Kg of plastic rubbish along with tennis balls, shoes, fishing tackle, drinks bottles, plastic drums, six car tyres and a television set.

Mr Andrews added: “It just goes to show how much rubbish there is out there, clogging up our beautiful seas and coastlines.”

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