‘Everest’ climb up the Stump for charity

The Stump Everest climbers
The Stump Everest climbers

A team of four have climbed the equivalent to the height of Mount Everest using St Botolph Church’s own steps.

Boston residents Ian Johnson, 52, Steve Slater, 56, Kelly Slater, 28, and John Prue, 27, climbed the Stump more than 200 times in relay over the course of four days in an attempt to reach the same height as the famous mountain.

The team, who have a history of running marathons and other sporting events for charity, have raised more than £6,000 from sponsorship to be split between their chosen charities Macmillan, Breast Cancer Now (formerly Break-through Breast Cancer), Friends of Garth School (where Kelly works) and the Stump Restoration Fund.

Ian told The Standard: “Completing it was a combination of being exhausted and excited at the same time.

“We had a lot of support from family and friends who were waiting for us at the bottom.”

The team even finished a victory lap together after bringing their total cycles to 201 times.

Prior to setting off Steve told The Standard the feat had seemed a good challenge.

He said he had tried to do a fund raising event every year.

The team prepared by doing various activities, including practice runs up and down the tower.

He said, at the time, he had been looking forward to it and that the team was a ‘good bunch’ and would include a lot of ‘camaraderie’.

There was also a raffle going on for the chance to win £250. To enter, participants had to fill out their details along with a guess over how long the charity effort would take the team.

The answer was that it took 13 hours, 55 minutes and 36 seconds to climb the 29,000 foot height – about 83,000 steps in all.

Here are some of the distances the team reached on the way ‘up Mount Everest’.

○ After three ascents they had climbed Victoria Falls (355ft).

○ After 10 ascents they had climbed the Empire State Building (1,454ft).

○ After 85 ascents they had climbed Mount Fuji (12,389ft).

○ After 121 ascents they had climbed the equivalent distance to Everest’s south base camp (17,598ft).

○ After 133 ascents they had reached the top of Mount Kilamanjaro (19,341ft).

○ After 195 ascents they had reached the top of K2 (28,251ft).

○ After 199 ascents they were at the Hillary Step (28,800ft).

○ Finally, after 200 ascents they were at the top of Everest (29,035ft).