Family pay tribute to ‘kind hearted’ biker

Valentine Asiminovs
Valentine Asiminovs

Tribute has been paid to a son and brother who ‘always helped if someone asked for it’ and who had a ‘very kind heart’.

Valentins Anisimovs, 21, died following a three vehicle collision in Boston’s Tower Road, on Thursday, July 7.

The incident took place at 6.30pm and involved a motorbike, which Valentin was riding, a Mazda and a BMW.

Valentin’s brother Valerijs said that the family had been going to ‘a bike meet’.

He said: “Valentins was on motorbike and we were in a car. This terrible accident happened not far from home.

“When it happened I got out from the car and stood still in shock. When I came to Valentins I didn’t know what to do but people from the surrounding homes came and an English man was helping me with words of advice ‘talk to him, tell him to stay here’.

“Unfortunately, I cant remember his name but I am very thankful for his help, they called the police and ambulance as I didn’t know who to call.”

Since the incident, friends and family have been trying to raise more than £3,500 to fly his body back to his native Latvia - so far raising around £1,500.

Valerijs said: “When the news spread the community was very supportive and helpful.

“We received lots of support from people we don’t even know, they contacted us by Facebook some even came around our home with words of support and donations, we are amazed how people reacted to our loss.”

Valentin’s dad Dmitrijs Anisimovs said last week was the first time he had been back to work since the crash.

“All workers and management at work were saying condolences,” he added.

“I felt very warm in my heart that people around are not indifferent to our grief.”

Valentins moved to the UK in 2013, to join his father and two brothers who were already here. He began working in a factory and saved enough money to buy a car and pay rent on the house his family lived in together.

Three younger brothers and his mother stayed in Latvia.

Dmitijs said: “Valentins was a very supportive young person always there to help you.

“There was never trouble with him even when other people asked for help he was always there.

“He was my son and of course he was always the best for me.”

Money raised by family will go towards transport and arranging the funeral.

Donations are going to Valerijs Anisimovs with the sort code 20-11-13 and account number 43613429.