Fans enjoy a close encounter with Justin Bieber and Ronan Keating - but couldn’t get near Jedward

Lauren and Melanie Horn with US popstar Justin Bieber.
Lauren and Melanie Horn with US popstar Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber made a Friskney girl burst into tears backstage at his concert – but thankfully it was just from the sheer emotion of meeting her idol.

Thirteen-year-old Lauren Horn flew to Dublin with her mum Melanie to see the US popstar in concert last week.

Melanie Horn with Ronan Keating

Melanie Horn with Ronan Keating

“When I saw him I was like ‘oh my God, it’s Justin Bieber’,” said Lauren, who attends Giles Academy.

Asked what she said to him, Lauren said: “Nothing really, I just burst into tears.”

The pair had paid for special ‘meet and greet’ tickets – but as a bonus Melanie got to meet Ronan Keating too, who happened to be backstage – with pop twins Jedward.

“Jedward had too many people hovering around them for us to get near, but Ronan was lovely and asked where we came from,” said Melanie.

The two enjoyed front row seats and came away with signed merchandise, photos and treasured memories.

“When I put the picture of me with him on Facebook my friends were really jealous and started crying,” said Lauren.

Having never flown before, the teenager was extremely scared but said she had to go through it ‘for Justin’.

“I’m madly in love with him now,” she added.

But Lauren admits she wasn’t always such a fan: “I used to like his music but didn’t really like him, but then the more of his music I listened to the more I liked him.”

The young fan is getting a second chance to see her idol this weekend when Bieber performs in Nottingham.