Fantastic Mr Fox to be honoured by Boston Stump

Peter Fox with his 50 year presentation
Peter Fox with his 50 year presentation

A chorister who has been a member of the choir at St Botolph’s Church for 80 years is to be honoured by the parish for his dedication and service.

Peter Fox, now 87, joined the Stump choir in 1937 after being talent spotted by his teacher, Miss Howard, at Tower Road School at the age of seven.

“She came to me and said you must join the Stump choir and there’s another boy there who will take you,” said Peter.

“I arrived one Friday night practice to the amazement of Dr J.B. Jackson, choirmaster at the time, who asked me ‘can you sing?’ and I said yes I could sing.”

Young Mr Fox was in the choir from then on.

At 14 he went into the bass section where he has been ever since - including taking the role of Choral Bedesman for the past 50 years.

He has performed under six vicars and seven musical directors.

“It’s quite magnificent. It’s a rare privilege to be able to sing for such a long time and in such a wonderful building and surrounding,” he said.

Mr Fox was a founder member of Boston Operatic Society and Boston Choral Society, and has performed at Blackfriars and at the Regal Cinema.

He has also entered music festivals in Lincoln, Peterborough, Leicester and Nottingham – at one time holding trophies for best voice in festival at all four.

He has performed all over the country, including at Windsor and Ascott, and twice in Zimbabwe.

Even national service did not stop Mr Fox from singing as he served with the RAF.

In fact, Mr Fox says he will keep singing ‘as long as I have got a voice’.

George Ford, who has known Mr Fox for 43 years, said: “He was a fine singer and certainly was an influential member of the choir, giving his full support at all times. His knowledge of church and other music is immense and he can still relate many stories of events he has been involved in.”

Mr Fox will be presented with a plaque honouring his time in the choir during Sunday’s Eucharist service at 10.30am.