Fatty bacon and a glass of sherry the secret to 100-year-old’s long life

Arthur Balderson of Bicker, celebrating his 100th birthday.
Arthur Balderson of Bicker, celebrating his 100th birthday.

An active career, a love of fatty bacon and a cheeky glass of sherry before bed is said to be the secret behind a 100-year-old Bicker man’s long life.

Arthur Balderson celebrated the landmark recently and spent the day enjoying the company of his two children, four grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren.

“It’s unbelievable really,” said his daughter Jean Thompson. “If you asked him what’s his secret to living a long time he would say it was down to his love of fat bacon and a glass of sherry before he goes to bed.”

Arthur’s life-long career was spent working on the land and looking after the working heavy horses. Borough residents with good memories may recall the sight of Arthur cycling around the area, often to go and watch a match of his beloved sport of football.

“He didn’t drive so he was still riding his bike, which he did up to the age of 90,” said Jean. “He’s always loved football, and would travel to see Boston United play – which he did up to aged 90 too. For games he couldn’t get to, he would listen to them on the wireless. Now he just watches games on his television.”

Born in Gosberton west, Arthur has spent his entire life in the area, living for much of it in Bicker, with his late wife Irene.

Despite his age, he still lives at his Bicker home. Luckily daughter Jean is not too far away, being situated opposite, and she visits him regularly to care for him, along with daily visits from registered carers.