Fined for dumping engine in road

The dumped engine in Sutterton.
The dumped engine in Sutterton.

A man admitted dumping a car engine in a residential road at Sutterton when he appeared at Boston Magistartes’ Court.

Today (Monday), he was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £500 towards costs plus a £15 victim surcharge. He offered to pay at the rate of £20 a week.

Sally Burke, prosecuting for Boston Borough Council, said Shailes, 25, of Lincoln Lane, Holbeach, unloaded the engine from his van into St Mary’s Drive, Sutterton.

The total clean-up, investigation and prosecution costs amounted to £1,705.37.

The police were contacted and Shailes refused to remove the engine. He was then contacted by a borough council enforcement officer but failed to respond to three requests for a meeting.

Shailes said he was under the impression that the engine belonged to the man at St Mary’s Drive, who was dealing in car parts.

He said he had told him to leave it in the road near the kerb and he would put it in his trailer and deal with it. He admitted dumping the engine, but said he had left it in the road by the kerb. He said it had been moved by the time a photograph of it was taken which was presented to the magistrates.

He said his business was only two years old and he had not yet taken a wage but 
was living off savings and help his disabled father gave him.