First World War historian wants help with family photographs

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Do you have someone on your family tree who died serving their country during the First World War?

If so, you may be able to help commemorate them in the republishing of a book.

A Town Remembers is a series of books by historian Dr Willam M. Hunt which lists those with Boston connections.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, Kay Books is looking to republish Volume Three, Part Two of the series, which commemorates those First World War casualties who are listed on the town’s war memorial.

And this is where you come in.Many of those in the book have pictures of the fallen accompanying them in the book. But some are still without.

Dr Hunt is appealing for anyone with information or photographs of any relatives who will appear in the book.

In return, he is also willing to pass on any further information he has on those mentioned.

For details email Dr Hunt at

Those fallen heroes which Dr Hunt is interested in are:

AKRILL, George Gordon. Royal Army Service Corps. Service no. T4/128270. Died on December 17. 1918;

ALLEN, Harry Kingsley. Royal Field Artillery. 283450. November 27 1921;

ARMITAGE, Robert. 1st/6th Bn, Notts & Derby Regt. 2380. April 181915;

AYRE, Herbert. 2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regt. 26928, formerly 3/25907, Lincolnshire Regt. April 10 1917;

BAKER, S. (He was engraved on the war memorial in 1922. His identity is difficult to establish as he is not mentioned in newspaper accounts and there is only one man in the records of the Commonwealth War Graves’ Commission with this name and rank. His link to the town is unknown. This man is - BAKER, Sydney. 20th. Bn, Manchester Regt. 26918. Lance Corporal. September 4th. 1916);

BARTON, Thomas Yarborough. 10th. Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment. 30248. September 18. 1917;

BATTERHAM, Flowers. Lincolnshire Regt. 3010, formerly TT.04433, Army Veterinary Corps (His name was incorrectly inscribed on the memorial. He died in 1953);

BEARDSALL, Elizabeth. Women’s Royal Naval Service. G/3243. December 18. 1918;

BELL, Samuel. 18th. Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers. 202900. June 6, 1917, formerly 2498, Royal Field Artillery; BERRY, William. 1st/5th Bn, The Rifle Brigade. 45123. May 17 1918. formerly M/296529, Army Service Corps;

BITTIN, Fred. 8th. Bn., Lincolnshire Regt. 13633. August 19. 1916;

BLYTHE, William. 8th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 16856. April 20 1917; BOGG, Charles. 1st/4th. Bn, East Yorkshire Regt. 11/636. July 19. 1917;

BONTOFT, James William. Royal Naval Reserve, HMT Helgian. 1010.TS. September 6. 1917; 42.

BOSWORTHIC, William Haw. 2nd/4th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 202151. September 26th. 1917. (Sometimes noted as ‘Bosworthes’ or ‘Bosworth’)

BRADLEY, James. 5th. Bn, Lincolnshire Regt 202388. March 22 1918;

BREWELL, Harold. Royal Army Medical Corps. 124078. November 7. 1918;

BURBIDGE, George Albert. Royal Army Medical Corps. 9487. March 14. 1919; BURRELL, Horace. 3rd Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 23557. May 11th. 1918;

BURTON, Robert. 2nd. Bn., West Yorkshire Regt. 58686. March 28. 1918;

CADE, Thomas Barnell. 2nd/6th Bn, North Staffordshire Regt 42892. April 15. 1918;

CARROTT, Joe. 5th Bn, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 201951. March 19. 1917, formerly 23352, Lincolnshire Regt; CARROTT, Joseph Sargisson. 10th. Bn., Lincolnshire Regt. 21565. April 15. 1918;

CHARLTON, Samuel Frederick. Royal Field Artillery. 81129. November 25. 1916;

CHEESEWRIGHT, John Francis. 2nd/9th Bn, Manchester Regt. 53310. November 29. 1917, formerly 48320, North Staffordshire. Regt;

CHRISTIAN, William. 1st Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 31652. March 21. 1918;

CLARK, Harold Herbert. Depot, Lincolnshire Regt. 4794407. September 21. 1920;

CLARKSON, Smith. 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regt. 42509. August 15. 1918, formerly 98454, Sherwood Foresters; COCHRANE, William. Royal Naval Reserve. HMT Portsmouth. 2121/SA. November 28. 1917;

COLE, Arthur Wheatley. 54th Bn, Canadian Infantry. (2nd Central Ontario Regiment). 474361. April 9. 1917;

COLE, Joseph W. 2nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers. 11624. August 23. 1915; COOK, Frank. Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Stonecrop. September 18. 1917;

CREASEY, Charles Edward. Machine Gun Corps. (Tanks). 94869. October 8. 1918, formerly 4381, Lincolnshire Regt. 92/93.

DAMMS, George Leonard. Royal Navy, HMPMS Western Queen. 2056.S. November 17. 1918;

DAMMS, Timothy. Royal Naval Reserve, HMT James Seckar. 16987.D.A. September 25. 1917;

DANBY, Herbert Caple. Corps of Royal Engineers. 489939. Sapper. October 9. 1918, formerly 1596, Royal Field Artillery;

DENCH, George. 1st/4th Bn, Loyal North Lancashire Regt. 235009. December 1. 1917, formerly 18626, Lincolnshire Regt;

DENCH, Sidney Ernest. 3rd Bn, Durham Light Infantry. 99146. March 6. 1919;

DERRICK, Alan James. 7th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers. Second Lieutenant. November 15. 1916;

DOUGHTY, John George. 1st/5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 242466. March 19. 1918, formerly 2963, Lincolnshire Yeomanry;

DRACASS, Fred. 2nd/5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 201824. March 21st. 1918;

EASON, John James. Steam Trawler Lindsey. September 10. 1920. (He is commemorated on Boston’s Second World War memorial plaque but was not a casualty of that war);

EASTICK, George. 1st/7th Bn, West Riding Regiment. 33875. June 30. 1918;

ELLERBY, Robert Horsley. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Bayano. London Z/676. March 11. 1915;

ELLIS, Elmer George. South African Service Corps. MT 4293. October 30 1919;

GOODMAN, Frank. 11th Bn, Royal Sussex Regt. G/15477. April 29. 1918;

GOODMAN, Joseph. 6th Bn, Dorsetshire Regt. 23481. June 8. 1918;

GOOR, John Thomas. 1st. Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 202298. October 13. 1918;

GREEN, Alfred. 57th. Coy, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 108537. December 13. 1917, formerly 86834, Leicestershire Regt;

GREEN, John Henry. 2nd Bn, Bedfordshire Regt. 42463. October 23. 1918, formerly 3/61504, Lincolnshire Regt; GUNBY, Charles Douglas. Royal Garrison Artillery. 51067. May 8th. 1918;

HACK, John Charles, Royal Naval Reserve. HMT Jay. 811.ES. August 11 1917;

HAGUE, Charles Bothwich. 3rd Bn, King’s Royal Rifle Corps. 9853. April 25 1915;

HARRISON, Donald Justin. 1st. County of London Yeomanry (Duke of Cambridge Middlesex Hussars). 4040. May 27 1916; HEPPENSTALL, George Henry. Royal Field Artillery. 232432. November 15. 1918;

HOLLAND, Charles. Royal Naval Reserve, HMD W Elliot 18214DA. February 15. 1918;

HORRY, Thomas Allen. 16th Bn, Middlesex Regt. G/43356. September 13. 1918. Noted as ‘F.A. Horry’ on Boston war memorial;

HUMBERSTONE, William George. Royal Navy, HMS Pembroke. J/29634. July 25. 1920. He is noted as ‘W.G. Humberston’ on Boston war memorial;

JACKSON, Frederick. 7th. Bn., Bedfordshire Regt. 40736. March 23. 1918;

JONES, William Henry. 1stBn, attached to the 4th Bn, Yorkshire Regt. Second Lieutenant. May 27 1918;

JORDAN, Benjamin. 10th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. R3/28335. May 7. 1917;

KEAL, Herbert. 19th Bn, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)138909. October 20. 1918, formerly 6910, Lincolnshire Regiment; KING, Thomas (Tom) George. 9th Bn, Norfolk Regiment. 42593. October 14, 1918;

KIRK, Charles Henry. 1/8th Bn, West Yorkshire Regt. 58727. March 26 1918;

LADDS, Frederick. Steam Trawler Carrington. March 14. 1916;

LAND, Thomas. 25th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish) 60688. April 12. 1918, formerly 12275, West Yorkshire Regt. He is noted as ‘T Lane’ on Boston war memorial;

LEDGER, Frank. 1st/5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 210259. March 19 1918;

LOTE, Stanley. Royal Field Artillery. 92882. Bombardier. November 17 1918;

LUCAS, Albert Ernest. 10th Bn, Essex Regiment. 40638. March 23. 1918,formerly 5801, Lincolnshire Regt;

LUCAS, Walter. 1st/5th Bn, West Yorkshire Regt. 202229. September 3. 1916;

MABLESON, Ernest. 2nd/5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment. 241413. September 26. 1917;

MARTIN, Alfred Lawson. 1st Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 6937. November 29. 1914;

MASON, Frederick. 1st Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regt. 33031. May 12. 1918, formerly GS/13314, Dragoon Guards;

MAWER, Richard Nicholas. 594th. Coy. Labour Corps. 155821. Formerly 7811, 2nd Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. February 27. 1918;

McCANN, James Frederick. Corps of Royal Engineers. 144678. November 3 1918;

MITCHAM, Leonard. 1/5th Bn, South Lancashire Regt 43181. November 6 1917;

MITCHAM, Thomas Henry. 1st/5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt 27027. September 25. 1918;

MOODY, Charles. 4th Bn, North Staffordshire Regt. 45180. February 26. 1919;

MORALEE, James William. 8thBn, Lincolnshire Regt 31000. August 14. 1918;

MOSS, James. Steam Trawler Fijian. October 16. 1915;

MOTLEY, Cyril. 1st/6th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers. 66384. April 10. 1918;

MUNTON, Arthur Wagstaff. 4thBn, Grenadier Guards. 27789. November 26. 1917;

MUSTON, Fred. 2nd/8th Bn, Royal Scots. 331072. April 3. 1917, formerly 4010, Lincolnshire Regt;

NORTON, Harry. 2nd/4th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 202879. March 22. 1918;

POCKLINGTON, James. 2nd/1st Bn, Suffolk Yeomanry. 1832. November 5 1917;

PORTER, Allen Edward Graham. 10th Bn, Training Reserve. TR5/37900. March 24. 1917;

POVEY, Arthur. 2nd/4th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 201337. April 18. 1918;

RAMM, John Twell. 1/6th Bn, South Staffordshire Regt. 43674. September 29 1918;

RASTALL, Arthur. Corps of Royal Engineers. 377737. November 16. 1918;

RASTALL, Thomas. 1st/4th Bn, Dorsetshire Regt. 201298. October 11. 1917;

ROGERS, Edmund George. 8th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 40694. April 16. 1918;

RUSHTON, James. 20th Bn, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment); 53257. April 16. 1917, formerly S/4/158757, Army Service Corps;

SCULTHORPE, George Henry. 1st Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers. 10450. August 21. 1915, formerly 9130, Lancers of the Line;

There are two H. Simpson’s whose photographs are required. They are: SIMPSON, Harold. 4th Bn. Middlesex Regt. G/50586. April 11, 1917; SIMPSON, Harry, 10th Bn. Durham Light Infantry. 4/10515. October 5, 1916; SIMPSON, William Henry. 1st Bn, North Staffordshire Regt. 235059. March 21st. 1918, formerly 6156, Lincolnshire Regt; SMEDLEY, George Henry. 1st Bn, Royal Welch Fusiliers. 235571. October 8 1917, formerly 55937, Liverpool Regt, & 267103, Monmouthshire Regiment;

SMITH, Atkin Richard Herriot. Steam Trawler Holland. March 15. 1916;

SPECK, Walter. 1st/9th Bn, County of London Regt. (Queen Victoria’s Rifles), affiliated to King’s Royal Rifle Corps. R/39535. November 23. 1917;

SPEIGHT, Alfred. Royal Field Artillery. 800410. January 2. 1919;

STORR, Harry. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Hood Bn., Royal Naval Division. Tyneside Z/9708. April 23. 1917; STRICKLAND, Thomas. Royal Naval Reserve, HMT Banyers. 526.SA. January 6. 1915;

TAYLOR, Herbert Henry. SS Penvearn. March 1. 1918;

TODD, Ralph. 16th Bn, Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment). 271236. April 10. 1918, formerly 4025, Lincolnshire Regiment;

TROOPS, Frederick Charles. Royal Garrison Artillery. 166415. August 23 1918;

TURNER, Alfred. Royal Field Artillery. 800417. April 24 1917. 305.

TURNER, Charles Ernest. Royal Navy, HMS Black Prince. K/24157. May 31. 1916;

UPSALL, Horace. 1st/6th Bn, South Staffordshire Regiment. 41952. May 29. 1918;

WALMSLEY, Percy. 1st Bn, Hampshire Regt. 33790. April 22 1918;

WARNER, George. Steam Trawler Lindsey. September 10th. 1920. He is noted as ‘T.A. Warner’ on Boston war memorial; WATLING, John William. 45th. Coy. Labour Corps. 26818. March 21 1918, formerly 196834, Royal Field Artillery; WATSON, Harold Edward. 2nd/5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 242204. March 21 1918;

WEBBER, Alan. 20th. Bn., Manchester Regt. 40046. December 22 1916, formerly 23279, Lincolnshire Regt;

WEST, Hugh. 2nd/5th Bn, Notts & Derby. Regt. 200932. March 21. 1918;

WHITE, George Leonard. Honourable Artillery Company (Infantry). 9333. July 23 1917;

WHITE, John William. Royal Field Artillery. 800232. September 22 1918;

WHITE, Leonard. 4th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 203713. August 25 1918;

WILKINSON, Amos William. 1st/8th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment. 307624. August 1 1917;

WILKINSON, Walter. 8th Bn, Leicestershire Regt. 34549. Private. October 17 1917;

WILLIAMS, George. Royal Field Artillery. 251248. September 18 1918;

WILLIAMS, John Richard. 1st/4th Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. 4353. December 23 1916;

WILLIAMSON, Robert. 2nd Bn, Royal Welch Fusiliers. 56563. October 27. 1918, formerly 44367, Notts & Derbys Regt; WILSON, Fred. 1st/4thBn, Wiltshire Regiment. 209274. December 12. 1918, formerly 3018, Lincolnshire Regiment; WILSON, H. (He is difficult to identify. The name appears a number of times in the Boston Guardian but the only death reported of any ‘H. Wilson’ from this area is that of – WILSON, Horace. 1st/5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment. 1901. Private. May 28. 1915).

WINGATE, John Henry. Royal Naval Reserve, HMT Morococala. 1916.DA. November 19. 1917;

WRIGHT, Herbert. Royal Field Artillery. 219675. September 29. 1918;

WRIGHT, Robert Richardson. 1/5th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment. 307653. April 22 1918.