Flood alert issued for tomorrow night

Flood sign
Flood sign

The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert ahead of tomorrow night’s high tide.

The alert serves as an update to the existing one, which has been in place ever since Boston flood on December 5.

The alert reads: “A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for the Areas near the Wash and Tidal Estuaries.

“Flooding is possible for the Areas near the Wash frontage from Gibraltar point to Admiralty Point and the Tidal River Witham, the Tidal River Welland and the Tidal River Nene during times of high tides from Saturday onwards.

“The time and date of the forecast high water is 20:00 on 04 Jan 2014. Low lying coastal land and roads will be affected first. Be prepared.

“This is an update to the existing flood alert. High tides are forecast for Saturday, particularly during the evening, and into next week. Flooding to low lying coastal areas around the Wash can be expected. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this flood alert as appropriate.”

For more information visit the Environment Agency website www.environment-agency.gov.uk or call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 using quickdial 0311 for up-to-date flooding information.