FLOOD ANNIVERSARY: Post-flood recovery ‘brought Boston Stump closer to community’

Boston Stump flood aftermath ENGEMN00120130612124106
Boston Stump flood aftermath ENGEMN00120130612124106
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The floods brought the church closer to the community and local businesses, says its director of operations.

Last year’s tidal surge caused significant damage to Boston’s key historic place of worship with a total cost from the damage thought to be about £1 million.

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No Caption ABCDE ENGEMN00120130416123205

Director of operations Michael Bartlett said the event caused significant strain and pressure on the team and damaged the heating system, caused major electrical damage and hit the café and shop as well as the Cotton Chapel and pew platforms.

Mr Bartlett said: “The whole flood has been a real challenge for the team here, but it has led to us working closer with some of our local businesses and the community. Where possible we have tried to ensure that the work is carried out by local businesses which can then put money back into the local economy.

“We are also working very closely with the Wormgate traders on an event for December 5 called Wormgate bites back (see page seven).”

“This is to help people realise that Wormgate is open for business. The parish of Boston is extremely grateful for the support of the local community during this extremely challenging time.

“We will never forget how people came together following the events of last December.”

The church has had works carried out to the shop and cafe, electrical rewiring and testing or replacement of more than 1,100 metres of cable and the reinstatement of the Blenkin Memorial Hall which had significant building damage.

The church has also had to replace its heating system in three phases - including replacement of pipework under the church.

The church is continuing to carry out repairs from 6am-6pm, six days a week, and is looking to put in extra protection from the flood.

Mr Bartlett added: “This is a huge operation and work will continue for a number of weeks.

“The electrical rewiring cannot be completed until the new heating system has been installed within the church. We’ve set up temporary heating to keep people comfortable and have brought more in this week as it gets colder.”

It has a number of events lined up including the Lightwaves installation, the Stump Christmas Fayre and numerous concerts and carol services.