FLOOD UPDATE: High tide passes and attention turns to Boston’s clean up operation

Flood sign
Flood sign

Latest: High tide has now passed in Boston, with flood waters now receding and attention turning to the clean up operation.

The authorities say this evening’s high tide is expected to be lower than this morning’s, but that the threat still remains.

People are now able to travel through Boston but are being adised to act with caution.

Police are assessing individuals’ homes to check if they are safe.

6.30am: People are being urged to avoid travelling through Boston until after 10am as the town prepares for more possible flooding this morning.

Haven Bridge will be closed from 7am until 9am and anyone who should need to travel is being urged to park on the same side of the town that they need to leave from.

The severe flood warning remains in place for this morning high tide, which should be at about 8am.

A county council spokesman said: “Some defences were overtopped in Boston during yesterday evenings tide but this morning’s tide is forecast to be lower. Areas that have been previously affected may also be affected again.

“People are advised to stay away from the Haven. Do not drive or walk through flood water and continue to follow guidance from the Emergency Services or Local Authority.”

Anyone whose house was affected by flood damage is advised not to return until after 10am and should approach police to carry out a safety assessment before they go inside.

A spokesman added: “Residents are advised not to enter, or allow pets or children to enter, flood waters which could be contaminated or contain hidden hazards such as displaced manhole covers, and general debris.”

Earlier this morning it was announced that Bath Gardens, Norfolk Street, London Road, Slippery Gowt Lane, Field Street, and York Street will be shut for around 24 hours.