Flooding and tornados after bad weather in Lincolnshire

Bad weather in Boston on Thursday
Bad weather in Boston on Thursday

EMERGENCY services in Lincolnshire tackled the fallout which resulted from the exceptionally large amount of rain which fell in the county yesterday (Thursday).

Flash floods and heavy rain caused traffic accidents, road closures and issues with people’s homes, schools and businesses, while parts of the county also saw tornados and thunder storms.

Boston escaped unscathed from the deluge, but the area did get hit by a short-lived but shocking thunder storm.

David Powell, head of the joint emergency management service in Lincolnshire, said work was ongoing to deal with the after-effects of the bad weather.

He added: “Teams from a number of organisations, including the district and county councils, Environment Agency, Anglian Water, drainage boards, fire and rescue, and police worked throughout the night – and are still out now – to support the affected communities, which is our top priority. Our other priority is to reassess all areas affected in the county to ensure all flood courses are tackled and any damage is repaired. Anyone who needs help and advice should contact their local council.

“Yesterday’s flash floods happened at the tail end of the county’s Olympic torch celebrations and there was a massive effort from all, including local residents, to help tackle affected areas. I’d like to recognise the superb response from local communities, who very quickly helped each other. Thank you to everyone involved.

“Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, but we recognise the on-going impact on those affected by these events. They will be our priority over the coming days. We are also working hard to repair damage and investigate the events so that we can do as much as we can to prevent future flooding.”