Fly-tipping operation saves council £240,000

Fly-tipped rubbish
Fly-tipped rubbish

An initiative launched four years ago to tackle fly-tipping in Boston has saved more than £240,000, say council leaders - with news coming as a national campaign is launched.

Boston Borough Council’s latest performance report for quarter one (April-June) of this year, reported a 17 per cent increase in fly-tipping incidents attended.

It said this was due to ‘better proactive, quicker and more regular visits to known hot spots and improved reporting’.

It added that although nationally, tonnage of fly-tipped rubbish has risen by more than 26 per cent since 2012, in Boston it has fallen by almost 33 per cent.

The report praised the fly tipping clear-up campaign, Operation Fly Swat, which was launched four years ago and has reportedly saved £240,000.

They said that £300,000 worth of fly-tip clearance has been achieved at a cost of £60,000.

Organisers of the new ‘right Waste right Place’ campaign has reported that 949 incidents of fly-tipping in 2014-15 in Boston could have potentially cost the local authority more than £75,000 in that one year.

Organisers of the ‘right Waste, right Place’ campaign, which has been launched nationally to help businesses understand their responsibilities and raise awareness when it comes to disposal of waste, have been carrying out research on fly-tipping across the UK.

Run by the Environmental Services Association, ‘right Waste, right Place is supported by the Environment Agency and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) and centres on a website offering practical advice on how to manage waste safely and efficiently.

Lisa Pinney, Area Manager at the Environment Agency, said: “Helping businesses understand and comply with their Duty of Care is central in stopping waste getting into the hands of illegal waste operators.

“If more businesses know what to do with their waste, less will be illegally managed, less will be dangerously disposed of, and public money can be saved.”

Local businesses can find simple guides, need-to-know cards, case studies and videos online at or by emailing