Former teacher committed suicide on train track

A DONINGTON man who committed suicide on train tracks in the village told his wife that morning that ‘today was a new day’, an inquest has heard.

John Bowles, of Heron’s Walk, had been suffering from depression for some time and also had issues with alcohol, but on December 21, he told his wife Gillian that it was behind him, and made plans for his day, Boston coroner Maureen Taylor was told.

However, later that day, the 59-year-old former teacher went out to the train tracks at South Ings and was struck by an oncoming train.

At an inquest at Boston’s County Hall on Friday, train driver Richard Doran said that he sounded his horn when he saw something moving on the track ahead.

He added that the time between sounding the horn and the train coming to a stop – only a few seconds – seemed like ‘an eternity’.

Just days before his death Mr Bowles had visited Terrence Pullen, who lives close to the railway tracks, asking for help as he had been thinking about committing suicide.

Mr Pullen told the coroner that Mr Bowles, who he did not know, had knocked on the door on December 16 and asked him to call an ambulance. He told his host that his wife had filed for divorce and he was having problems with his daughter, but later appeared to rally and headed home.

Mr Bowles’ wife Gillian told the court that her husband had talked about suicide in the past.

She said: “He told me he would if I left him, so I didn’t leave him. Divorce had been discussed, I thought it might change his mind about drinking,”

Coroner Ms Taylor recorded a verdict of suicide.

She added: “He for some reason decided to take his own life and he has done so.”