Freak hailstorm left woman’s roof in holes

Jean Rogers of Swineshead pictured showing holes in the roof of her home after a freak hail storm.
Jean Rogers of Swineshead pictured showing holes in the roof of her home after a freak hail storm.

A pensioner from Swineshead said her home was left looking like it had been ‘attacked by a Tommy gun’ after it was hit by a freak hailstorm last week.

Jean Rogers was at her home in Blackjack Road on Monday with her husband and dogs when she said the ‘heavens opened’ and there was an almighty sound as hailstones rained down on their home.

“It was the day the heavens decided they were going to descend on my house,” she said. “I have got a covered PVC porch and it now look like the top of a pepper pot it’s so full of holes. You can look through the holes and see the sky.It looks like it’s been attacked with a Tommy gun.”

The hail stones chipped paint off the wall outside her bedroom and damaged the flashing along the house.

Jean also said the impact of the hail stones brought down sharp splinters from the roof inside her porch.

“When you walked out the door it was like walking on glass. I filled a carrier bag with all the bits that came off the roof.”

At one point, such was the ferocity of the weather, that Jean was concerned the glass in her front door would be shattered.

“It was about a 10 minute burst and when it finished, the hailstones were two inches high up my gate. I’ve never rung the insurance people before in my life but I have about this – only they said they can’t see any hailstorms on weather reports that day and want proof I’m telling the truth.”

We spoke to the town’s weatherman Albert Kirkham, who has been producing local weather reports for more than 30 years, and confirmed there were hailstorms on Monday.

He said: “I had hail over my house in Boston.

“In the summertime you often get very localised storms due to the heat. I’ve known it where it’s been bad in the town centre but completely clear over my house. Hailstones can cause damage too, especially if they are large.”