Friends in fight to keep churches ‘alive’ amid £10k-plus shortfall

St Mary's Church, Frampton.
St Mary's Church, Frampton.

A group is bidding to keep Frampton’s historic churches alive – with both buildings facing up to a £10,000-plus shortfall in their funding.

The Friends of Frampton Churches was set up late last year with the aim of raising money to pay for repairs and improvements to St Mary’s and St Michael’s churches.

It is believed that both buildings have a shortfall of between £10-16,000 in the money needed for their upkeep.

The funds will go towards this and include repairs to the roof, which has had lead stolen from it, and possibly installing a new sound system.

Committee member Rex Halgarth said the churches , which he has known for 68 years, were there for Frampton people, and questioned if they weren’t where would people go for services.

He said: “If you have lived in the village all your life like I have, you would like your christenings, weddings and burials to take place in that church.”

So far the group has raised money by holding a craft fair and will be holding a rock and roll party starring tribute band Status Quote and local singer Dave Logan at Blackfriars Theatre, on January 18.

Parish priest father Charles Sowden said the committee, which is separate from the churches, was a great idea.

“It’s nice to have people who are that interested and want to do something. The churches have been the centre of the village for a long time,” he said.

The next meeting of the Friends is today (Wednesday) at 7.30pm.

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