Friends plummet to earth to help others

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FOUR Boston area men have braved a 10,000-foot drop from the sky to help two charities.

Ben Gibbons, Lee Besson, Ash Murrell and Danny Anderson took part in a skydive to raise £2,000 for Breast Cancer Care and Help for Heroes.

While the skydive was being organised, Ben discovered his young partner had been diagnosed with a serious illness.

“My partner Siobhan Chase, aged 21, was diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Ben, 23. “So naturally this decided my charity for me.”

The sponsored skydive took place at Sibson Airfield, near Peterborough, where each completed a tandem leap strapped to an instructor.

“We all sat in the plane looking at each other wondering how each of us were feeling and looking around I could see the nerves building up in everyone,” said Ben.

“We reached 10,000 feet in the air and as the door opened, wind soared through the plane and we all took deep breathes. I was first up, so me and my instructor edged our way over towards the door and sat on the edge, staring into a completely white sky.”

All four took the plunge – somersaulting through the air at speeds of up to 160mph.

“It was the biggest buzz I’ve ever had,” said Ben. “But once the shute had been pulled it was the most peaceful moment you could ever imagine – no wind noise, just pure quietness – and the view was amazing.”

As they safely landed back down to earth, the four were greeted by friends and family who had turned up to support them.

“It was nice to do something for charity and actually feel like we have helped towards curing or even the care of anyone who suffers from such horrible diseases like my partner,” said Ben. “I hope that with everyone’s help and charity work we can all pull together to fight these things, after all, every little helps.”

He concluded: “We want to say thank you to all who sponsored and supported us, and also to our instructors and the rest of the team that helped to make it a great day and a joy to be a part of.”