Future of pumping station to be discussed


A public consultation is to be held to look at the future of the flood-damaged Black Sluice Pumping Station.

The event will be held tomorrow (Thursday) 2-7pm at Bicker Village Hall to look at future proposals for drainage through the South Forty Foot catchment.

The South Forty Foot takes water from the fens into the Haven at Black Sluice Pumping Station in Boston.

During normal conditions the water drains by gravity at low tide. When there are high flows during high tides the Black Sluice Pumping Station operates to pump water into the Haven.

The pumping station was built 68 years ago, was damaged during the 2013 flood and needs between £15 million and £20 million spending on it to repair and refurbish. Only two of the five pumps have been working since the flood. Although the pumping station is beneficial for land drainage purposes only eight homes and four other properties benefit from a reduced risk of flooding because of it.

The Environment Agency has had separate talks with the owners of these properties and concluded that maintaining the pumps cannot be justified on flood risk grounds alone.

A number of options are proposed, including additional gravity discharge, flood relief channel, more upstream flood storage, such as a reservoir, widening the drain or construction of a new diversion channel around Boston.