GALLERY: Man walks 30 miles in stilts

Walking 30 miles is a challenge for most people - but doing it in stilts with blisters and aching muscles is truly a tall order.

Motorists between Boston and Skegness honked and waved at the 8.5ft tall figure of Simon Oke as he slowly made his way to Skegness Pier for Sport Relief.

The 26-year-old bar worker took seven-and-a-half hours to complete the arduous journey.

He stopped only for bathroom breaks – and even managed to do this without taking off his stilts!

“It was not too bad for the first 10 miles, but after that I really started to suffer with blisters and aching feet and back so I had to slow down,” said Simon.

“But I pushed on without and falls and made it to the end. It was a huge relief.”

Simon’s fiancé Jodie Keal drove her car behind to support him and make sure he was safe.

“There was a big group of people waiting at Skegness Pier to cheer me on when I finally arrived, it was great and I managed to raise about £450.”

Simon said he was humbled by the amount of support he received from members of the public along the route, who donated about £100.

Simon, of West Street, has had plenty of practise with stilts over the years - as he worked for an entertainments company – and promoted various events wearing stilts around the UK and abroad.

Not put off by the pains of his recent long-distance walk, he now plans to tackle the London Marathon 2015 in his stilts.

“It’s actually a shorter distance than the Boston to Skegness route - so I’m definitely up for the challenge,” he said.

At 8.5ft tall in stilts, he’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Keep an eye on The Standard for Simon’s progress.