Garden waste consultation ‘can be filled in multiple times’

Garden waste collection
Garden waste collection

The council’s anonymous garden waste consultation can be filled in multiple times by a single person - the council has confirmed.

It has been discovered that people can fill in the online survey rapidly and a number of times by the same person.

A Boston Borough Council spokesman has confirmed that there is no way of definitively knowing whether the survey has been filled out by the same person - however, they said someone willing to fill in a number of anonymous paper forms could do the same.

They said: “It can be filled in as many times as you like. It’s not just locally that this system is used it is nationally.

“If a survey is anonymous, online or in paper, it more than likely can be filled in more than once.”

They did however, say that some anomalies can be picked up by looking at the timestamp of the surveys and when they were submitted and how many were sent.

Boston Borough Council last week launched the consultation over the future of its free brown bin collection services

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