German firm’s UK headquarters plan

An example of the type of trailers Fliegl will be manufacturing at the Frampton Fen factory.
An example of the type of trailers Fliegl will be manufacturing at the Frampton Fen factory.

German farm equipment manufacturer Fliegl is set to open a new headquarters and factory near Boston, it has been announced.

The family-run business - known for its manure and slurry machinery and push-off trailers - is in the final stages of talks to sign a lease on a property at Frampton Fen.

The announcement was made at the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations and is part of its pledge to up its presence in the UK market.

Commercial director Jose Viedma said the focus will be on high-capacity conventional monocoque tipping trailers, but that other products could later be added to the production regime.

The site will initially employ about 10 people – including five apprentices that could be taken from surrounding schools and colleges.

Mr Viedma said: “Lincolnshire is a very important county in terms of its food production and it therefore has huge potential for Fliegl and its production of agricultural machinery and trailers.

“Boston in particular has a number of road haulage and logistics companies that are excellent for our road and industrial trailer production.

“The Port of Boston handles more than one million tons of cargo per year, including the import of steel and timber and the export of grain and recyclable materials – everything that we need is there.

“There is also light industry that we need for our subcontract work, the port is connected by rail and by trunk roads including the A16 and the A52, while there is also a ready labour force.

He added: “Other agricultural machinery manufactures - including German companies - have been successful in the area and we are confident that Boston will be an excellent hub for Fliegl.”

Mr Viedma said the new premises will allow Fliegl to custom fit its products specifically to meet the requirements of UK farmers, while it will also enable the company to provide a greater level of customer service.