Ghost hunters on the look out for a team in Boston

Sarah Durrant and Paul Drake are setting up a paranormal group in the Boston area.
Sarah Durrant and Paul Drake are setting up a paranormal group in the Boston area.

A spooktacular offer is being made to brave souls in the Boston area to join an elite band of ghost-hunters investigating ‘haunted’ sites .

Lincoln-based Paranormal-Lincs is setting up a group in Boston and is looking for people to join in their quest to capture the ‘unworldly’ on camera.

Its founder Paul Drake, who counts TV medium Derek Acorah among his friends, is now urging Boston people to get in touch if they know of a site where ghostly goings-on have been reported.

Mr Drake said: “Paranormal-Lincs has been going since 2005 but we are now looking to start up another team in the Boston area.

“We’ve already heard reports of a headless horseman having been seen in the Hubberts Bridge area.”

He added: “I’d love to do some work on sites associated with the Pilgrim Fathers.”

The group, supported by three mediums, has carried out night-time investigations across the county, including a hotel in Woodhall Spa where a shadowy figure was captured standing in front of the camera lens.

Mr Drake said his group works to ‘debunk’ ghost stories rather than prove them – eliminating every possible cause of what has been seen, heard and felt.

But he says some findings cannot be ignored.

While visiting a pub in Leicester dating back to the civil war, one member was literally knocked off his feet by an unexplained ‘presence’.

“We went into the attic and heard footsteps running across the floor and then one of the members was bowled over,” said Mr Drake.

“He was left with marks where he had been pushed. That was by far the most scary thing we have encountered.”

Electronic equipment is used to record and monitor energy levels and sound and visual anomalies. This is provided free of charge.

The Boston team will be headed up by The Standard’s very own Sarah Durrant.

Advertising rep Sarah has taken part in several of the group’s investigations.

“I’m keen to tackle some of the sites around Boston,” she said. “It’s an old town with a lot of history so I’m excited about what we might encounter.”

Teams contain up to 10 people, but if there is a lot of interest more than one can be created. It’s free to join and there’s no charge for the investigations.

If you are interested in joining the team call 07746 182921.