Gifted musician to play folk club

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AN EVERYMAN’S vision of life in the 21st century is promised when Ron Trueman-Border returns to Boston Folk Club.

The singer-songwriter (left) is both hard-working and prolific, having penned literally thousands of songs, and having 14 albums to his credit.

Ron’s musical styles cover folk, blues, country, bluegress and some jazz.

He has a gift for writing lyrics which invoke great empathy in his listeners, with his audiences always enthusiastically joining in with choruses.

Many other musicians have covered his songs, both in concert and on record.

Ron is also a talented guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and singer, able to convey a sense of fun one minute and sheer emotion the next.

The show at Boston Folk Club is on Monday.

Find it upstairs at the Eagle in West Street.

The music starts at 8.15pm.

For further information call 01205 358783.