Gifts for families in need

Rotary Pics
Rotary Pics

CHRISTMAS can be an expensive time of the year for many people, yet it did not seem to matter to some charitable people in Boston, who have filled hundreds of shoe boxes with gifts to send to children in poor parts of Eastern Europe.

Hundreds of kind-hearted folk in the area have dug deep to buy toys, toiletries and trinkets to fill the Rotary Club boxes, which will be sent to kids in Romania, Belarus and Ukraine who may not receive any other presents this Christmas.

A total of 259 shoe boxes were filled with items and brought into the Boston Standard offices in Church Lane, ready to be shipped out with members of the rotary clubs in the town - The Rotary Club of Boston and the Rotary Club of Boston St Botolph.

John Wright, of the St Botolph club, told the Standard: “We do appreciate the help of the people of Boston and also the Standard group who are kind enough to allow their offices to be used as a collection point.

“Although Boston isn’t a particularly rich town, it is a lot, lot richer than the many East European villages to which these are going.”

It is thought that around £3,000 worth of gifts were donated by people in the Boston area to be sent out to the children, including toy cars, jigsaws, colouring books and felt tip pens.

The Rotary Club also asked for household items such as toiletries and pens and paper to be included in the boxes.

The amount is similar to that raised in other years - a remarkable sign of charity considering how people’s finances are stretched in the current climate.

Nationally, the Rotary Shoe box Scheme, which has been running for many years, has helped thousands of children in many deprived areas of Eastern Europe to have a happy Christmas, and Boston people can be proud to have played their part in helping to achieve that over the years.