Golden celebration for Standard couple

Pete and Pam Massam celebrating thier golden wedding anniversary.
Pete and Pam Massam celebrating thier golden wedding anniversary.

A couple who met when they both worked for The Standard in the 1960s have celebrated 50 years of marriage.

Pete and Pam Massam, of Boston, have marked their 50th anniversary with a party for family and old colleagues.

Pete began working for the paper in January 1960 - his 28 years service seeing huge changes to the industry and technology.

“When I started we were working on hot metal - and when I finished in 1988 we were working on Apple Macs,” he said.

Remembering the moment he met his wife at the old offices in Wide Bargate, he said: “Pam joined shortly after me and I offered her and her bike a lift home in my Morris Minor. But I recall thinking at the time that it would have been quicker for her to just walk.”

While Pete worked in page production and editorial, Pam worked in the old print finishing section. Her 10 years service was broken twice to give birth to the couple’s two sons Stephen and Peter Junior. They now have four grandchildren, Connor, Jordan, Kristi and Leanne.

Pete and Pam put their lengthy marriage down to simply ‘working together and tolerating each other’ and they continued working together outside The Standard.

Both have been stalwarts at Boston Town FC for more than 30 years, helping to run the snack bar. They celebrated at the club - joined by family members, friends and some colleagues from their days at The Standard.