Golfers club together for charity effort

Looney Laights and Richards Right Handers LjoQ8jhptuEdBEXGD83g
Looney Laights and Richards Right Handers LjoQ8jhptuEdBEXGD83g

Two teams of golfers took part in the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge – playing 72 holes in 24 hours, all in support of Richard Laight.

In October, 2015, Richard was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer.

Friend David Mowbray said: “I was heartbroken and was more determined than ever to do the 72-hole golf challenge to raise money for something which was now so close to our hearts.”

David and Richard approached officials at Boston West Golf Club, who were happy to host the challenge.

The two men then recruited teams for the big day.

Richard captained The Looney Laights, including Ollie Pinner, Aidie Daubney, Nigel Appleby and 
Jon Fowler.

David headed the opposing team, Richard’s Right-Handers, featuring Neil Allen, Edward Mowbray and Matthew Price.

Richard then received the terrible news that after a period of remission, the cancer had returned and there 
was no further treatment available.

He was now more determined than ever to complete the challenge.

David said: “Still wanting to complete his challenge after this, was nothing short of amazing.”

On June 24, the two teams met at Boston West Golf Club and teed off at 4.30am, so they could finish their challenge in daylight.

Team members played four rounds of golf with 20-minute intervals.

On the 72nd hole the teams played together to finish the challenge.

While they were playing, friends had been organising and setting up the community centre at Hubberts Bridge and held raffles and auctions to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan.

David said: “We have raised nearly £7,000 doing this event.

“Now let’s wait another year so we can all do it again.”