Gong for work with young offenders

Jane Newsom
Jane Newsom

A prison chaplain and volunteer originally from the Boston area has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday honours.

Jane Newsom, has served a 15-year ministry in the diocese of Lichfield, first as prison chaplain at Stoke Heath Prison, where she was co-ordinating chaplain and then as Managing Chaplain of Swinfen Hall. Both were young offenders’ institutions for young men.

Mrs Newsom was born in Frampton, the daughter of circuit judge George Whitehead.

She was educated at Conway Primary and Boston High School before leaving for Durham University.

Jane was responsible for a team representing more than seven different faiths.

A spokesman for the diocese said: ‘It was her firm belief, she said, ‘that we would have little to offer the prison, its inmates and staff, unless we modeled respect and collaboration amongst ourselves, rejoicing in our diversity whilst each maintaining the integrity of our own faith. This is especially important when working with young people whose experience of the adults looking after them has often been of dysfunction and discord’.”