Government minister picks up flood tips for Somerset


A Government minister has picked up tips from this area for dealing with flooding in Somerset.

Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, attended a Lincolnshire Flood Risk and Drainage Management Partnership Framework meeting.

This organisation – which includes Boston Borough Council – involves all the county agencies to deal with issues around fluvial and sea flooding and drainage.

It is the only group of its kind in the country and is recognised as having expertise due to the low-lying geography, especially of the Fens.

The internal drainage boards, in particular, with the Environment Agency, are important partners in protecting residential, commercial and agricultural areas.

Borough leader, Coun Peter Bedford said: “It is the second time recently that Mr Paterson has been to Lincolnshire. He was in Boston just after the December floods when I accompanied him on a tour of the flood-hit areas.

“He was very complimentary then about the way in which the borough council was dealing with the clean-up operation and now he has returned to the issues in Somerset having seen how our partnership of all councils, drainage boards, the EA, the water companies and Natural England, led by Lincolnshire County Council, works successfully together.”