Green waste service has restarted

GARDEN waste collection started again in Boston on Saturday after funding cuts nearly strimmed the service away.

Boston Borough Council announced in March it would have to find a new way to pay for the collection after the Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs cut its funding.

Last year, DEFRA cut funding to the service, which costs £40,000 to run, to £11,884 forcing the borough council to subsidise it.

The council has now allocated a start-up fund of £10,000 from savings in an attempt to kick-start the service.

A spokesperson said the council was exploring various avenues to keep the collections going to the end of the growing season in November.

Borough council recycling officer Becky Shinn said residents were pleased to see the garden waste service return and reported a total of 7.8 tons collected.

She said: “Grass and hedge cuttings made up a majority of the waste, which goes for composting and is returned for garden use.

“Residents have been urged to consider saving their garden waste for this more environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient service instead of putting it into their household rubbish which goes to landfill and costs council tax payers because of landfill charges.”

The scheme sees a collection team sent to sites in Boston on a rota basis.

Householders who cannot compost garden waste are advised they have the option to take it to the Lincolnshire County Council Household Waste Recycling Centre, in Slippery Gowt Lane, Wyberton.