Groups within ten miles of Bicker can apply for community cash

Bicker Fen wind farm. EMN-141209-161745001
Bicker Fen wind farm. EMN-141209-161745001

Community groups within ten miles of Bicker Wind Farm are being invited to apply for grants of up to £5,000 from the Lincolnshire Community Foundation.

The closing for applications is October1, when around £14,000 will be given out.

Trust income derives from the developer of the Wind Farm site at Bicker and will run for 25 years, awarding approximately £20,000 per year to projects that either contribute to conservation, energy efficiency or environmental improvements.

While priority will be given to worthwhile projects within a five mile radius, funding will also be allocated more widely where there is evidence of need and the project is a good fit with the fund priorities.

To date grants have been awarded to local groups to help improve community buildings (new windows, heating system, insulation etc), sensory gardens, local village amenities (ponds, play areas etc), heritage projects, workshops for young people and wildlife meadows. Successful applicants include local In Bloom and conservation groups, school PTAs, pre-schools, youth groups, village halls and sports clubs.

Applications are more likely to be viewed favourably if they can prove they meet the Fund’s aims and objectives and the project benefits the local community. To obtain an application form, or for an informal chat, contact Community Foundation grants manager Sue Fortune on 01529 305825.

Sue said: “These grants are helping to improve the environment for local people and, perhaps as importantly, encouraging residents (young and old) to get involved and improve the area they live in. I would urge anyone who has an idea to apply and make use of this grants programme or contact me for further details.”