Halibut staking a claim for really top tasty treat

Grilled halibut with vegetable ratatouille. NA
Grilled halibut with vegetable ratatouille. NA

This week’s recipe is from Joe Moore, head chef at Ball House

Grilled Halibut with Vegetable Ratatouille

Serves 4


l 4 halibut steaks

l 1 aubergine

l 1 courgette

l 1 red pepper

l 1 yellow pepper

l 1 red onion

l 1 garlic clove (crushed)

l 2 tins chopped tomatoes

l 2 tbls tomato Puree

l 2 tbls soft brown sugar

l 100ml red wine vinegar

l 1 bunch fresh basil (optional)

l 1 bay leaf

l seasoning


l Dice all the vegetables and sweat off in a saucepan with the garlic, without browning.

l Add the sugar and red wine vinegar and reduce down by half.

l Add the chopped tomatoes, puree and bay leaf and leave to simmer for around 25 minutes until all the vegetables are tender

l Lay the halibut on a baking sheet, brush with oil, season well and grill for around eight minutes on each side, the steak should be firm to the touch,

l Finish the ratatouille with chopped fresh basil and season to taste, add more sugar for a sweeter taste, you can add a little vegetable stock if it looks a little dry.

l Serve the halibut on top of the ratatouille and garnish with fresh rocket