Ham broth with red lentils and barley is a real pearler

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This week our culinary delight comes from Joe Moore, head chef at the Ball House.

If you give the recipe a go, why not let us know how you got on? You could even send in a picture. Email stephen.stray@jpress.co.uk.

Ham hock broth with pearl barley and red lentils


l 2 ham hocks

l 2 large carrots

l 1 large onion

l 2 cloves of garlic

l 1 swede

l 2 celery sticks

l 2 leeks

l 1 large potato

l 1/2 savoy cabbage

l 1 bay leaf

l 2 thyme sprigs

l 50g pearl barley

l 50g red lentils

l 1tbsp tomato puree

l seasoning


l Place the ham hocks in a large pan and cover with water, boil for approx 3 hours until the meat will leave the bone, remove the hocks to cool and save the stock.

l Finely dice all the vegetables excluding the savoy cabbage and place in a large pan, sweat off for a few minutes without browning, add the stock from the ham hocks, top up with extra chicken stock if needed to cover all the vegetables.

l Bring to the boil, add the barley and lentils and herbs and simmer for approx 30 minutes, until the veg is tender, add the tomato puree and shredded savoy cabbage then finally strip all the meat off the ham hocks and add this to the broth.

l Season well before serving, serve with warm crusty bread.