Haven High told it ‘requires improvement’ by Ofsted

Haven High Academy
Haven High Academy

Boston’s Haven High Academy has been given a ‘requires improvement’ grading across the board by education watchdog Ofsted.

The school previously had a ‘good’ rating for its overall effectiveness.

In a report published yesterday (Tuesday), inspectors for Ofsted said leaders had ‘not acted quickly enough; to ensure outcomes improved’ and said ‘English, mathematics and science, while improving, has been below national averages for too long’.

They also say leaders had not ensured a new assessment system was ‘consistently’ well embedded across departments.

Teachers are criticised for not having consistently high expectations of pupils, not using the information they have about students to plan learning and not questioning effectively to assess pupils’ understanding.

The report says that ‘tutor time’ is not used consistently well and calls it ‘wasted’ and ‘dead’ time.

Pupils are also said to not have access to external, expert advice and guidance, and information for pupils who have special educational needs or disabilities ‘lacks clarity’.

However, the report does highlight that the leadership has taken ‘appropriate action’ to improve teaching and subject leadership - resulting in improvements in pupils’ outcomes.

It praises the school for being a ‘harmonious’ community with pupils respecting one another and those who speak English as an additional language receiving effective support.

It particularly praises teachers in the performing arts and vocational subjects for using ‘good subject knowledge’ and enthusing pupils.

Governors at the school were also highly praised with inspectors calling them ‘skilled and knowledgable’ and acknowledging them for holding leaders to account.

They say some of the improvements at the school have ‘come as a result of governors’ intervention’.

Haven High Academy leaders have said that its own leadership has already identified many of the required improvements highlighted by the report and was working to rectify them.

Head of academy Ellie Hextall said: “It is pleasing to note that inspectors agreed with the areas for improvement already identified by senior leaders and staff at the school and which had already been incorporated into action plans.

“While results in 2015, which were below floor, played a major part in the judgement of outcomes, inspectors recognised the large improvements in 2016 results and the trajectories for improvement going forward.

“What shines through the report is the fact that the inspectors thought very highly of our ethos and our students.

“Ofsted stated that we have a harmonious school and a culture of respect where children have warm, positive and supportive relationships with their teachers, that the children said there was very little bullying and they trusted their teachers to deal with it when it occurred and that they feel safe.

“Teachers were praised for their good subject knowledge. I have every confidence that working with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate, our team of dedicated staff and the enthusiasm of our children we will make the changes necessary to achieve a ‘good’ next time.”

Adrian Reed, chief executive officer of Boston Witham Academies Federation which the school forms part of, said: “With the next steps for further improvement clearly identified, the trust and all partner schools will work together to ensure the that the academy can build on the improvements already witnessed in 2016.”