‘He was in the same league as any of the big names, he just hadn’t got his break yet’ - DJ Pete Martine pays tribute to Terry Young

Pete Martine (left) with Terry Young at the last Chunky Funky in Boston.
Pete Martine (left) with Terry Young at the last Chunky Funky in Boston.

A well-established DJ, originally from Boston, has paid tribute to ‘world class’ Terry Young.

Pete Martine, who rose to fame with Sleaze Sisters and has worked all over the world with a huge number of big names said he was ‘speechless’ at the news and called Terry ‘one of Boston’s finest’.

Terry, who worked under the DJ name Tel Young, most recently warmed up for Mr Martine at the last Chunky Funky on August Bank Holiday of this year.

Pete told The Standard he was ‘sensational’ adding: “He was definitely a very talented guy and a talented DJ. He was world class.

“I have worked all over the world with many DJs - he was in the same league as any of the big names, he just hadn’t had his break yet.”

Pete said he and Terry were set to organise another gig together in December.

He said they had only spoken via Facebook on Saturday after Terry had used Samantha Fox’s re-released hit single Touch Me in his set on Friday night. Pete had sent him the digital copy of the track after Terry heard it during the Chunky Funky gig and ‘loved it’.

He said that when he had asked Terry about whether he had played the track over the social media messaging service the DJ had replied ‘I did play it mate yes, they loved it, they literally danced all night Pete, when you come back to Boston we will have to have a catch up! Xx’

Pete had also asked Samantha for a signed copy of her single - which he said had arrived today.

He said he would like to organise a tribute gig in Boston to Terry in the future.

On Friday Terry DJ’d an Under 18’s Halloween party in the Printroom of The Assembly Rooms.

Director of the Assembly Rooms Matt Clark told The Standard: “It is obviously a huge shock to hear the news of this local DJ passing.

“Terry has coveted playing at the Assembly Rooms for some time, and the recent Friday was his first opportunity, at the under 18 event. He was received well by the hundreds of youths in attendance, and was planned to return for the Christmas event. He recently posted his support of, and the enjoyment he experienced in playing in the venue on his social media page.

“We remain truly grateful for this support and his general positivity. It is shocking to hear of this tragic loss, and is upsetting that we will not have the chance to work with him again. Our thoughts are with his young family, we cannot begin to understand what they are going through.”

Readers have also continued to pay tribute to Terry on The Standard’s Facebook page.

Ricky Roberts said: “I had a lot of respect for Terry. I played football with him and drank with him back in the day. He always made me laugh.

“He was one of those characters that everyone knew from somewhere and the people who actually knew him had a story to tell about him.

“I will be showing my respects when his funeral is organized.

“He will be missed by so many and his death is a reminder that it can all be taken at the click of a finger so we should all make the most of the time we have. RIP Tel, you’ll be missed.”

Terry Young died following a collision which took place between the scooter he was riding and a tractor on Marsh Lane at 5.45pm yesterday (Monday).

A 20-year-old man who was driving the tractor has been arrested by police and is currently in custody.

Any witnesses to the collision, who have not already spoken with police, are asked to call 101, quoting incident number 356 of November 1.