HEALTH PROFILE 2105: Council says to look at the positives and praises the work done to help issues

West Street.
West Street.

Boston Borough Council has reassured residents that it’s not all bad and that just because something is worse, it could be for positive reasons.

A spokesman said: “Although there appears to be a lot on the negative side, some of this could be deemed as positive. For examples the increase in prevalence of diabetes, skin cancer and TB could actually be as a result of the awareness promotion work and thus more people going to get a formal diagnosis.

“This means that treatment/advice can be administered sooner and hopefully with a more successful outcome.”

The council has praised a strategy it has, a Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plan to address issues where the borough council can have the biggest impact on health and wellbeing.

However, it said some issues can take a ‘significant time to turn around’ adding that some also rely on behavioural change.

The spokesman added: “We are trying to nudge people into making positive changes through initiatives such as making it easier to exercise in our green spaces and providing free cooking lessons.”

The council gave a number of examples of ways in which it was hoping to improve areas further including: the £173,000 investment in refurbishment of play areas, an expansion of its health walks programme, its planned investment in PRSA to improve facilities, supporting Boston Woods Trust with path improvements and Boston Health Trainers with delivery of pre-diabetes programme.

The council has also secured funding for Boston Mayflower to install outdoor gym equipment at Wellington Road playing field and worked with the housing association to deliver healthy eating and cookery programmes.

It has also worked with United in the Community to promote the Active Pilgrims programme and supported a social enterprise with the development of the Boston Body Hub, which will provide a healthy cafe and community gym.

Councillor Stephen Woodliffe, portfolio holder for Regulatory Services, said: “Boston Borough Council is doing what it can, with the financial resources available to it, to improve the health and general welfare of all its citizens.

“Much is being done to improve opportunities for physical exercise and a healthier diet. However, improvements to health and welfare ultimately depend upon individuals, and families in particular, taking responsibility for their circumstances by rejecting unhealthy lifestyles in favour of a commitment to a better, healthier future.”

He added the authority would continue to work closely with its partners.