Armed forces coup for Pilgrim Hospital

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Pilgrim Hospital has been selected as a dedicated site to help Armed Forces personnel suffering from mental health problems.

The Boston hospital, which is part of Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation (LPFT) Trust, is one of eight mental health trusts around the UK to be selected to take on the specialist services.

It will offer inpatient facilities for military personnel who have suffered severe mental illness.

LPFT is part of the Joining Forces Network, which was first awarded the contract to provide mental health services in 2009. Following tendering, the group has now been given he contract for the next few years.

Trust medical director, Dr John Brewin, said: “The re-awarding of this contract is a reflection of the high quality support that staff in the unit have been providing. We’re delighted to be able to continue offering this highly specialised service to armed forces personnel in the region, and returning from conflict zones worldwide.”

Several new innovations are set to come into play for the duration of the new contract, including a new mental health app, which has been developed with the intention of providing information to people serving within the Armed Forces.