Asbestos in allotment sheds around the town

ASBESTOS is lying dormant on many allotment sites around Boston borough – and the council’s advice in dealing with it is simply to leave well alone.

The hazardous substance is thought to be in old sheds on the majority of council-run plots.

Officers have stressed the asbestos is currently in a stable condition and is not dangerous as a result, but tenants are warned to keep an eye out for any changes which could alter the situation.

At a meeting of the Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) last week, the council’s head of regeneration Steve Lumb said: “If asbestos is in tact it is fine. We’re in a position where if a shed gets vandalised or torn apart or there is a fire then we need to look at it.

“There is no actual hazard as it stands.”

Councillors agreed that it may cause more problems to remove the asbestos than to leave it where it is, but one member – Coun Mark Baker – said he thought it was important that the tenants knew they were not able to do anything with the sheds in case the asbestos become airborne.

The news was revealed during a discussion about the authority’s allotment strategy.

During the debate, the issue of providing more allotments was also raised.

Mr Lumb said there may be a chance in future of bringing back into use an allotment site on Broadfield Lane in Boston, and other plots are being split to provide smaller ‘starter’ spaces.