Baby Jenson - named after Jenson Button - puts the brakes on his parents’ Christmas Day

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A newborn baby named after an F1 racing driver put the brakes on his parents’ Christmas when his mum’s waters broke at the dinner table.

Kirton couple Hayley and Ady Goldsmith raced to Pilgrim Hospital where baby Jenson Edward – named after British Formula One driver Jenson Button – was born on Christmas Day, weighing 6lb 6.5oz.

“My waters broke half way through our Christmas dinner at my brother-in-laws,” said Hayley, 28.

“I had just about finished it but hadn’t yet eaten the pudding when it happened.”

The proud mum said she wasn’t aware what was happening at first as the contractions gave her backache – but when her waters broke the couple realised their first-born – who had been due on December 20 – was on the way.

“We couldn’t agree on a name but I’m a huge fan of motorsport so we decided to name him Jenson after 
Jenson Button,” said Ady, 40.

And like his namesake, young Jenson was quick off the mark when the time came, arriving five-and-a-half hours later at 7.45pm – less than half the time Hayley expected her labour to 

“All the baby books say that labour for your first child typically lasts between 12-16 hours, so he was relatively quick,” Hayley said.

Ady said: “My brother has joked to Hayley that if she didn’t like the Christmas dinner they had cooked, she should have just said.

Staff at Pilgrim Hospital made a fuss of the young Christmas arrival, giving him a tiny Santa hat and two presents.

He added: “We definitely couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present.”

The couple praised staff at the Pilgrim for 
making the day extra special, adding: “They were amazing, we couldn’t fault them.”