Boston women urged to donate their eggs to infertile couples

WOMEN in Boston are being urged to consider donating their eggs as part of a nationwide drive to help infertile couples have children.

Care Fertility, which has a base in the Bostonian wing at Pilgrim Hospital, is aiming to increase the number of women willing to take part in a donation programme to help women who are unable to have their own children – and for the first time women will be financially compensated for undergoing the procedure.

Doctor Sunday Ikhena told The Standard it was important to encourage as many women as possible to consider donation.

He added: “There is always need for egg donation, especially if you think of the patients who may not be able to produce their own eggs, or older women who for a variety of reasons have found they cannot produce eggs.”

Dr Ikhena, who has been working in the fertility field for 16 years, added that there were a lot of older women seeking fertility treatment, many of whom had decided to delay starting a family for a number of reasons, or for whom circumstance has dictated they want children later in life.

A change in guidelines means that women who donate their eggs will receive £750 financial compensation, up from £250 to cover expenses previously. Since the change came in, the number of enquiries received by Care Fertility has shot up.

A spokesman for the company said: “Local women have always been very generous and donated their eggs but the increase in compensation to £750 recognises the commitment that donors show.

“Our hope is to reverse the trend of women who are travelling overseas for egg donation. The Czech Republic, Cyprus and Spain have plenty of donors and many UK women are willing to travel in order to get treated quickly.”

Boston’s Care Fertility clinic does not offer the medical procedure to extract eggs, but Dr Ikhena and nurse Kirstie Thomas can put women in touch with the clinic at Nottingham and can provide support for women who need it.

The small team, which has been at the Bostonian since 2006, provides information for couples seeking fertility treatment and support for those going through the procedure.

For more information or to enquire about egg donation call 0115 8528100.