Dedicated heart ward aims to improve patient care at Pilgrim

A NEW heart ward at the Pilgrim Hopsital will be set up in June to boost patient care.

Ward 8B will stop cardiology patients being spread across wards and the changes will co-incide with the arrival of two consultant cardiologists, making a total of four for inpatients at the Pilgrim.

The move fits in with wider changes for speciality wards to increase efficiency and will be complemented by a training programme.

Currently, cardiology patients share a ward with respiratory (7B), and haematology/oncology patients (7A).

Alex Afifi, business manager for medicine and A&E, said: “This will speed patient recovery and reduce the time patients spend in hospital - which also saves NHS resources.”

Other changes will involve ward 7B becoming a dedicated respiratory ward rather than a cardio-respiratory ward and 10 urology beds moving from ward 8A to the Bostonian (private wing). Ward 8A will accommodate general medicine, gastroenterology and endocrinology patients.

Some non-infectious endocrinology/general medicine patients will also be placed on ward 7A.