Double kidney transplant survivor urges people to get on the organ donor list

Jodi Smith is promoting World Kidney Day
Jodi Smith is promoting World Kidney Day

A woman who survived a double kidney transplant and defied the odds to become a mother is fundraising for World Kidney Day today.

Bicker woman Jodi Smith (nee Stukins) was a familiar face in The Standard in the 1980s as she battled against kidney failure as a child.

Now the plucky 36-year-old is urging people to support the event and to get on the organ donor register.

“People should really carry an organ donor card with them,” she said. “It’s so important.”

Jodi developed kidney failure as a result of Cystinosis, a rare condition which means she will eventually go blind. She had her first transplant in 1986 after which she suffered a stroke, paralysing the right hand-side of her body. She had her second transplant in 2001.

Despite doctors telling her she wouldn’t be able to have children, Jodi went on to have a healthy daughter with her husband.

World Kidney Day takes place tomorrow (Thursday) with events across the UK to raise awareness and funds. For details visit www.kid