Families learn about healthy living in fun sessions

Zoe Myall with youngsters from Give it Some Fizz. NA
Zoe Myall with youngsters from Give it Some Fizz. NA

Active children and parents have been learning about healthy living in a series of family fun sessions.

The free sessions were organised by Boston Borough Council as part of its Fit Kids programme, giving families the chance to cook healthy meals, learn about food safety and try out different sports and games.

Children aged 4-14 had the chance to prepare fresh lemonade, healthy pizzas, tortilla chips, cucumber and carrot batons and melon wedges.

The cooking activities were provided through the Cook 4 Life programme, run by Boston Mayflower, and the sports sessions by Give It Some Fizz fitness.

Debbie Hopkins, who ran the cooking sessions with Mayflower, said: “We showed families how to prepare food from scratch with seasonal produce.”

Howard Williams, environmental health officer for Boston Borough Council, also provided a session about health and hygiene in the home, teaching the children to be ‘Germbusters’.

He said: “The kids have been very enthusiastic and it was great to see both them and the parents interacting.”

In the sports sessions, children participated in games of rounders, tag, relay races and kwik cricket.

Mum of two Tracy Macdonald, who took part in the sessions held at Haven High Academy in Boston, said: “We loved every bit of the day. We all learnt something new. The children loved the sport activities and preparing their own fresh food. I’d recommend this to any family.”

Boston Mayflower runs free-of-charge six-week Cook 4 Life sessions for people wanting to learn new skills to lead a healthier life. For more information contact Debbie Broadley on 01205 360300 or email DeborahB@bostonmayflower.org.uk