Foodbanks see demand rocket

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-181127-114721005

An impassioned pre-Christmas appeal to the people of the Boston area has been made by the new project manager at the district’s foodbanks.

Maxine Correya says the numbers of families and individuals needing food has rocketed in recent weeks.

She urged people planning for their festive shopping to think about those who are desperately in need of food in the area, and try and help them out where they can.

And there will be a food drive at Tesco in Wyberton from tomorrow specifically aimed at boosting their stocks.

Maxine said: “We have had the harvest festivals recently where local schools helped fill the warehouse for the Boston and Sutterton Foodbanks, but the rising number of referrals has seen the shelves virtually emptied. We’d just ask people to think about what they are buying, and whether they can pick up some extra items to donate. We’ve gone from maybe 10 a week to 40 families or individuals needing our help with emergency food parcels.

“It’s a shocking increase. The roll out of Universal credit, companies closing or restructuring, mental health issues, and illness can be some of the contributory factors as to why people need to use the foodbank.”

She said they had recently met with Matt Warman MP to refer some of the ‘heart-wrenching stories’ from families and individuals coming to them. Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, Tesco’s in Wyberton, led by The Trussell Trust and foodbank representatives are holding a food drive.Volunteers will be at the entrance with information about the foodbank and a list of items it needs.

There will also be items on the table which shoppers can pick up, pay for with their shopping, and then drop it into one of the donation trolleys. The drive runs each day from 9am until 5pm. Cash contributions can also be made at the table and foodbank representatives will be on hand to answer any questions.

“Our foodbank’s stock really does need replenishing as it is fast becoming empty since the Harvest Festival donations,” said Maxine.

“Any donations that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated as we don’t receive any funding and rely heavily on donations and we are having to use our depleting funds to purchase more food.”