Health trainer sets up Boston group for fibromyalgia sufferers

Siobhan Bernadin who is setting up a support group for Fibromyalgia.
Siobhan Bernadin who is setting up a support group for Fibromyalgia.

A health trainer from Boston is hoping to help sufferers of a chronic syndrome by setting up a new support group.

Siobhan Bernadine, 53, of Wrangle, suffers from fibromyalgia - a condition which can cause extreme pain and fatigue.

She said she wants to help sufferers and carers by providing the chance to talk freely without any stigma.

She said: “I know there’s not much out there, I would like to talk to people and say is it normal to have this.

“It’s very hard for families because it can be hard to understand that one day you are fine and the next you’re not.”

Mrs Bernadine is a health trainer working for Lincolnshire Community Voluntary Service at the Len Medlock Centre and often works with sufferers of the condition.

She said when she was first diagnosed she found it difficult to find out information on the condition and said that even in today’s world, with the wonders of the internet, it can be hard to pin down specific details.

She said that when she ‘flares up’ she can be out of work for up to three weeks and has developed ‘coping mechanisms’ in an attempt to pre-empt it, resting as much as she can when at home.

The first meeting of the group will take place in the White Hart on Friday, November 21, at 7pm.

Future meetings will then be arranged after that intial date.

For more information – or to get in touch – visit the group’s new Facebook page Boston fibromyalgia support group.