LETTER: Hospital heart and lung fund needs your help

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Following a shortage of funds for patients suffering from heart and lung disease, I set up the Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund nearly 30 years ago.

Pilgrim Hospital had little staff and little equipment, particularly in the sense of cardiorespiratory medicene.

I wrote articles in the local press and gave lectures all over south Lincolnshire on heart and lung disease and indicated the importance of investigation and treatment for patients suffering from disease in these two organ systems.

Local people responded to my cry for help maginificantly and through the help they gave we were able at Pilgrim Hospital to set up the Cardiorespiratory Department, provide appropriate equipment to investigate and manage patients and also provide physiological staff for the same.

In addition to this, the Heart and Lung Fund also set up cardiac rehabilitation for patients following heart attack and the cardiopulmonary resuscitation service.

I’ll be retiring from the NHS this year. I’m president of the Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund and know ongoing support is needed for our department at Pilgrim Hospital and our new cardiological consultants.

The hospital is looking towards eventually having a cardiac catheter laborotory to investigate patients suffering from ischaemic heart disease (heart attacks and angina), plus extending the pacemaker service further to implanting cardioverter defibrillators and resynchronisation therapy.

Eight years ago it was indicated that the Pilgrim Hospital would have a cardiac catheter laboratory by 2013, Lincoln County Hospital would be the first hospital in our area to have a catheter laboratory. Due to shortage of funds this is not going to happen yet.

The Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund is totally supportive of providing monies to provide these facilities at Pilgrim Hospital but we do need financial help from all local people who may need and benefit from this service.

The charity at the moment has £60,000 on deposit but we need the best part of four times that to provide the service we know you need.

Dr Cyril Nyman

President of the Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund