LETTER: My mum’s care did not meet NHS standards


I know the NHS needs to make cuts but they also need to care!

My mother aged in the 80s recently fell out of her bed, badly banging her head, eye and body. She has heart problems and other health conditions.

An ambulance was called and she was taken to Pilgrim Accident and Emergency department at 9.50pm. After she had been seen by two doctors and had some tests, at 3.30am she was told she could go home. One of the doctors did want to keep her in until 7am, but the other insisted that she should go home. A taxi was booked to take her. She was then sitting in Accident and Emergency, wearing just a gown and given two blankets to wrap around herself.

After arriving home at 4.20am she was left on her own, tired, frightened, shaken and upset.

On her discharge she was given an advice sheet offering guidance after a head injury. One of the points highlighted was that if possible she should not be on her own for 48 hours.

Who knows what could have happened to her. Thankfully nothing did and she is recovering but wouldn’t it have been safer, considering her age, health conditions and injuries to keep her in hospital until 7am, so that when she returned home she had people to look after her?

The treatment my mother received failed to meet the NHS mission statement to provide high quality care for all, which is safe, effective and a positive patient experience. It fails to meet its basic values of respect and dignity, commitment to the quality of care, compassion, improving lives, working together for patients and that everyone counts. Instead my mother was left to feel a lack of respect, humiliated by the garments she was left to wear and feeling that she did not count in this society.

The government is saying look after the elderly people. Given the treatment and care my mother received, what is considered elderly by the NHS?

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