LETTER: People should appreciate Pilgrim Hospital

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We write to you because we hear and read so many complaints and bad press about our local Pilgrim Hospital that we would like to tell you of our experiences there.

Last August I had cause to have a hip replacement.

I chose to attend the Pilgrim Hospital because I believe in supporting my local facilities.

Mr Heaton, my consultant and his team performed the operation and after I was transferred to Ward 3A to recover from my ordeal.

I have nothing but praise and admiration for all the teams at the Pilgrim that I came in contact with.

There was nothing but consideration and the utmost care from my consultant, theatre staff, ward staff, ancillary staff and physio staff.

Eight months on from my operation I have been discharged and I am now pain free with a new lease of

life. Thank you to all concerned in helping me to achieve this.

Three weeks ago my husband had an accident with a circular saw and cut the top off his middle finger of his left hand. Only a small problem but very nasty and very painful.

This resulted in a visit to A&E and two nights stay in the Pilgrim.

Everyone from Mr Hassan in A&E and Mr Raj, his surgeon who attended to the wound, and all their teams of doctors, nurses, and ancillary staff in all the departments he came into contact with were very caring, supportive, considerate and did their jobs to the best of their abilities under very busy difficult circumstances.

He had nothing but praise for all the hard working, caring people who do a very difficult job to keep our local PilgrimHospital running to look after our local community and would like to thank them all for all their efforts in looking after him.

We would very much appreciate it if you would publish the above letter so that the Boston area can see that there is good in their hospital.

Rick and Gill Brown