LETTER: Praise for our hospital staff


I’ve put pen to paper I will speak highly of the excellent care we’ve had at Pilgrim Hospital over many years in most departments – A&E, euterology, etc – and, latterly, 11 days in ward6B, where I was treated for infection all over my body.

The nurses and doctors worked tirelessly – pumping antibiotics into me, carrying out blood tests and taking blood pressure two-hourly day and night, as well as visits from urologist.

On the day I returned home I hugged one of them and kissed her and nearly cried – as did another patient in our four-bed bay. These nurses do four years training before qualifying but feared that they would not get the one per cent pay increase they were promised. That turned out to be correct.

We cannot afford to lose such dedicated staff.

The government, and inparticular our excellent health secretary Jeremy Hunt, should pay these people moredespite the tremendous hole in the finances created by the previous government.

Now 87, I’m in the care of my youngester daughter Sarah, as is my wife June, 82.

She has given up her job to look after us full time.

District nurses who have been visiting me are now dwindling because of overwork and low pay. We have excellent care from GPs and nurses but some of them are taking early retirement because of the increased population of Boston and the stress caused.I’ve telephoned our MP Mark Simmonds at his office in the House of Commonds frequently and have had excellent service from him. On one occasion, afer I’d been wheeled down to the operating theatre at Pilgrim, I was told there was no bed available and was sent home.

Mark got Jeremy Hunt to obtain a bedin the Bostonian wing after my next visitfor the operation.

I’m sure he’ll take on board the information in this letter which I’ve obtained as a patient.

David Burgoyne

Winston Gardens, Boston