LETTER: We felt stranded at Boston’s hospital

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I wanted to let you know just how bad our National Health Service has become.

My husband and I live in Surrey and my son, his partner - who is 35 weeks pregnant - and my grandson aged two years live in Leicester. They are on Job Seekers’ Allowance and have no form of transport, so we invited to pick them up and come on holiday to Skegness with us. We all went to Skegness on Saturday, May 11, and were due to leave on the following Saturday.

On Tuesday, Cherish, my son’s partner, was taken to Pilgrim Hospital in Boston with kidney stones and a bad infection - they managed to sort this out. As a consequence of the illness, the baby was born on Friday, five weeks premature. He was admitted to the neonatal ward as he was having difficulty feeding.

We were informed neither Cherish or the baby would be discharged before Monday, so at our expense we paid for another three nights in the caravan but stipulated that I needed to get back for work.

On Monday, I discussed with the staff our concerns about having to leave, Cherish was discharged but the baby was not as he was still unwell. On the advice of several nursing staff, including a midwife, they said it would be better if Cherish stayed with baby.

I stated that as we had to leave would they confirm that something would be sorted even if we had to cover any costs and the staff reassured me that they would not leave mum and baby stranded.

On Wednesday, Cherish contacted me saying that she had been informed by the staff that baby would be discharged the next day and that they had tried to arrange a vehicle but due to lack of funds they could not help and that she would have to take the responsibility to sort out a way of getting home to Leicester.

After a number of calls, I then advised them that I will be making an official complaint.

They just kept on saying that they did not have the funds. I again offered to pay any costs. After a lot of stressful discussions they came back to me and said that they had arranged a taxi to take mum and baby back to Leicester at their cost.

Why put us all through this kind of stress and upset mum to the extent of her breaking down in tears? Why all of a sudden have they managed to find the funds for a taxi?

Where has our caring NHS gone? Are they that hard up they cannot cover the cost of transport for a mum and baby that was born unexpectedly 90 miles away from home?

Beverley Dutton

Via email